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Learning Support Services

Our Library Learning Commons teacher, Mrs. Savage, and our Learning Assistance teacher, Ms. Schultz, are here to support you! New activities will be posted here every week. Please check back often to see what our teachers have prepared for you.

Click on the links below to see a letter from Mrs. Savage.

Letter Home #1

Letter Home #2        Covid 19 Time Capsule Worksheet

Letter Home #3

Letter Home #4

Letter Home #5

Weekly activity May 25 - 29

Storytime with Ms. Schultz. Click on the links below to hear a story read aloud by Ms. Schultz. After listening to the story, try the activity sheet!

Goldilocks Read Aloud            Goldilocks activity

Little Red Riding Hood

The Gingerbread Man

The Tiny Seed

The Queen's Hat

Grade 5 Language Choice

Dave Kandal Elementary is one of three schools in our school district to offer both French and Punjabi to Grade 5 students.

BC Fruit & Vegetable Program 

Our school participates in the BC Fruit & Vegetable Nutritional Program. Every month, students receive a BC grown fruit or vegetable snack to enjoy during class time.

Some objectives of the program are the following:

• to increase the consumption of local fruits and vegetables
• to increase the awareness of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables
• to increase the awareness of fruits and vegetables grown in BC
• to increase the awareness of the safe handling practices of fresh fruits and vegetables

Click on the documents below for more information on the fruits and vegetables we will be serving.